C-SIGMA Workshop at SMi


The SMI Groups 2nd annual Maritime Reconnaisance and Surveillance Technology conference will be held in Rome on 30 – 31 January 2017 and will feature a C-SIGMA Workshop led by Guy Thomas on the morning after the conference, i.e. 1 February 2017.

The cost of this workshop is £599, or it is available free to C-SIGMA Members and previous C-SIGMA delegates attending the full SMi Conference.  See here for special SMi Conference discount offer.

C-SIGMA: Improving International Collaboration in Space to Enhance Maritime Situational Awareness

08.30-12.10- 1st February 2017, Crowne Plaza Rome St Peter’s Hotel, Rome, Italy

Hosted By Guy Thomas, President, C-SGIMA


Space-based Surveillance is among the most important means of monitoring the oceans today; satellites provide the widest possible range for observation and have the benefit of being in international territory to fulfil their roles. This includes everything from pollution monitoring to suspect marine traffic, even signals intelligence.

Unfortunately, financial and resources restrictions prevent any one nation being able to provide full global coverage. Furthermore, the vast majority of the planet’s water lies in international territory and therefore requires an international approach to successfully monitor and police.

C-SIGMA is a major advocate for international collaboration in space-based maritime surveillance, seeking to transform mechanisms by which nations work together on this highly crucial subject, if you are interested in how this can be done, this workshop is for you.

Topics covered will include:

08.30 – Registration and Coffee

09.10 – The Importance of Off-the-Shelf Technologies

09.40 – Maximising Surveillance Coverage Through Integration of Optico-electric, AIS and SIGINT Satellite Systems

10.10 – Coffee Break

10.40 – Other integrated systems
• Individual transponders sending short formatted status reports tocommunications satellites
• Automatic Identification System (AIS)
• The ground infrastructure, software tools and licenses determining which spacecraft to task when to obtain the desired results

11.10 – Time Crucial Gathering, Interpreting and Dissemination of Information to C-SIGMA ‘Customers’

11.40 – Case Studies and Discussions

12.10 – Closing remarks


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